Our Story

Our founder, Stephen Ashburn, says “You have to be crazy to enter the retail beverage market”. We are a small family owned company chasing the American Dream. With potential competition from multi-billion dollar beverage companies we have our work cut out for us, but as Stephen says “I am up for the challenge”. Stephen is all too familiar with adversity and challenges. He lost his leg in a severe automobile accident in 1996, but that didn’t keep him down. His beloved Alley Café was lost due to a lightning strike in 2009, where Alley Cat Tea was first introduced. According to him, “The café was my sign to do something different, so I decided to package Alley Cat Tea and be the first company to package this Southern staple”. Alley Cat Tea LLC still has a long way to go, but with a founder like Stephen, we know this dream will come true.

me alleyJPGme alley